Who Does The Venus Factor Work For?

The venus factor is a diet / exercise program which has become very popular and has gotten a lot of attention.  Sometimes, there is some confusion about how it works and who its target audience really is.  I’ve had people ask me what type of dieter it works for.  People often ask this because they are trying to determine if the diet will work well for them.  In other words, they are trying to determine if the diet is going to be a good fit for them and something that they can easily do without too much disruption to their life.

Someone might say: “I’m a female and I’d like to try the venus factor, but I’m worried that I’m not the right age for it.  I’m a little older and when I research this diet, I see lots of bikini pictures and I’m wondering if it’s meant only for young women who want to be super skinny.  Who does the venus diet work for?”

Well, the venus factor was designed for women.  And the goal isn’t to get you super skinny or wearing a bikini.  The goal is to get your at your ideal body type.  It’s more of an hour glass figure that is in proportion than a super skinny bikini body where the end goal is just to shed weight and lose muscle.

I can’t say that it absolutely would not work for men, but its target audience is most definitely women.  It’s often women who deal with leptin resistance.  Leptin is the hormone responsible for regulating weight and metabolism.  But women are generally the ones who have issues with leptin resistance – particularly during their child rearing years or after childbirth.  Your body wants to hold onto the excess fat and weight to ensure the survival of the species, which is one reason that it is harder for women to lose weight.

The Venus Factor program is comprehensive with a diet AND exercise component, so I’m sure men who follow along would probably lose weight just because they are moving more and eating better.  However, this diet is designed specifically for women in their child rearing years.  It’s pretty straight forward and it’s not “gimmicky”.  What I mean by that is that it’s not a hollywood or fad type diet that promises you that all you’ll have to do is eat a certain food category or eat the foods handed to you and lose the weight.

No, The Venus Factor gives you the tools – and plenty of them.  But you will have to follow along and carry this out.  And you’re responsible for your own food.  Once the program helps you identify your ideal body type, it also gives you the steps to achieve this – including the diet and the exercises.  You are also given access to  a support center where you interact with and get support from others going through the diet.

Because of all of this, I suspect that the Venus Factor would work best for women who are not only unhappy with their bodies but who is also motivated enough to follow along with the program.  The diet isn’t overly restrictive.  They don’t forbid any specific foods.  But they help you to want to make the right choices.

You also have to be willing to work out on this diet.  The exercise is a big part of helping you obtain that hour glass figure.  It’s pretty easy – they give you videos and you follow along.  But, you DO have to follow along.  You have to be willing to do the exercises to get the body.

And while no one is going to follow you around to make sure that you take advantage of the support, numerous studies show that dieters who have support are MUCH MORE successful at getting the weight off and keeping it off.  So I’d think that people willing to take advantage of that support are going to have more dramatic and easier results.

In short, the target audience for The Venus Factor is any woman who is not entirely happy with her body and who is motivated to change to get her ideal body shape.  In order to accomplish this, she’s willing to learn about leptin resistance, as well as eat and exercise as directed and reach out for support when she needs it.  Honestly, it’s as simple as that.

To see what I mean, here is a link to the Venus Factor website.  Take a look around and I think you’ll get a feel of who it is designed for.

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