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Bloggers are encouraged to disclose any connection between what they write about and the products mentioned on their site.  No one paid me to set up this blog.  No one gave me free food or money for what I’ve written.  I write about my own opinions, which are formed by me. I am, however, an affiliate of Diet-To-Go, products of which are on this site.  As an affiliate, I could make a commission for a purchase or action you make via a link on this site. Some links may enable this site to generate income.

Privacy Policy:  I do not collect names, emails or address.  You’ll never be asked for personal information on this site.  However, any time you visit most any website, some information can be collected, as follows, depending upon your browser settings.

Cookies:  Advertisers like Diet-To-Go use cookies to track affiliates and visitors. The use of these cookies by Diet-To-Go enables them to compensate their affiliates (such as myself.) To opt out of the cookies you may disable your cookies in the tools section of your browser.

Third Parties:  Sometimes in this blog, I will link to other websites.  When I do, know that these sites  may also use cookies to track users activities.   I have no control over their settings or cookies and I encourage you to check their policies.

Collection Of Data To Improve User Experience:  Most websites or blog look at user location, popular posts, and search engines and IP addresses used.  This allows the site to improve user experience and write more posts about what users are searching for.  In order to do this,  IP address used to access the site are noted with dates and times of access. This information is used for trends and data only and none of the data is linked to any personal information.

Results Disclaimer: Please understand that I can not guarantee any user result from Diet-To-Go or any other diets.  And I make no claims as to what the typical or average reader can expect.  I am by no means a doctor or weight loss professional.

Names and events in this site may have been changed or altered to protect the privacy of those involved. In terms of complete disclosure, you should consider this blog as for entertainment rather than educational purposes. Please use common sense and due diligence and consult a doctor if you have any questions or concerns. Diet-To-Go does not claim to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

No Comments Posted: For privacy purposes and because of potential abuse from spam comments, I do not publish any comments.  I read them and I will likely write articles inspired by them.  But I believe that it is in every one’s best interest not to publish them.

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