Are You Able To Add In Your Foods (Fruits, Vegetables, Drinks) With Bistro MD? How Much?

Many people perceive that when you are using a diet delivery service like bistro MD then the plan is meant to be complete – meaning that you have to eat the food that they provide you with and nothing else.  Although they obviously try very hard to provide you with most everything that you need, this assumption just isn’t true.  There is room to add in your foods with bistro md. And believe it or not, people want the ability to do this.  Having everything provided for you is a luxury, and one that we all appreciate.  But sometimes, you do get a craving and you need the flexibility to do something that satisfy that craving – in a healthy way, of course.

Luckily, you are allowed to add in some of your own foods and drinks.  Just as some examples, you are allowed diet drinks and even alcohol in moderation (up to three drinks per week.)  And they even allow you to take one night off for your own meals if you are on a seven day plan. (This is called “My Night” and many people enjoy this.)  Research has found that people stay on diets longer when they have flexibility and have a sense of control.

To that end, I find that many people are concerned about adding in their own fresh fruits and vegetables.  Many realize that they will be eating a good deal of these fresh items with the diet entrees that are provided.  But still, they’d like some flexibility to grab and apple or some carrot sticks if the mood strikes them.

Someone might ask: “would bistro md allow me to have snacks as long as they are fruits and vegetables?  I know that this might seem silly, but I know that some diets don’t like you eating fruits at all and some want to provide you with the vegetables.  How does bistro md approach this?    I like to have apples in my back pack to eat while in my car.”

You may be happy to know that they do allow you to add in your own fruits and vegetables, within reason.  For example, in addition to what you will already be getting with your meals provided by the plan, you are allowed to have one serving of fruit per day, although they encourage you to consume it with protein.  And, they allow you to have up to four cups of fresh vegetables.  And yes, salads are allowed, but they suggest being mindful of high fat additions like cheese and croutons and they suggest low fat dressing with a serving size of about two tablespoons.

So that apple per day would be fine.  A lot of people are surprised that bistro md allows a little more flexibility than they originally thought.  Yes, they provide your meals and if you like, you wouldn’t need to buy much else. (Unless you are doing “my night” but they also allow you to add in your own healthy additions if you like.