How Much Support Is Given With Bisto MD? Is It Enough?

Many people have heard about the high quality food with bistro MD and this intrigues them.  But not everyone has experience with ordering a diet online and not having to go to a “center,” doctor’s office, or weight loss clinic in order to get your meals.  And they may assume that because of this, you don’t get enough support.

Someone might say: “for a while, I was on a diet where I went and picked up my food at the center.  While there, I met with my counselor.  I did not like the food on that diet, but I did like the counseling.  And I believe that the counseling helped me to be successful.  However, I did not like the food on that diet. And so I eventually quit and gained all the weight back.  So I need to take it off again and I’m ready to start dieting.  Since bistro md is very highly rated in terms of the food and all the reviews I read are very positive, I have high hopes.  But, my concern is about the counseling because I believe that I am going to need this to succeed.  How much support do you get with bistro md?  And is it enough?”

Actually, you get quite a bit of support.  And you are assigned a dietician with whom you should be able to develop a very close working relationship.  When you first open an account and want to place a food order, a dietician will work with you to come up with meals (called “approved entrees”) that you can chose from.  You then will use “my bistro md” to choose your meals.  This is a user interface that puts much of what you need at the tips of your fingers.

Ordering your meals is not all that you can do once you’re in “my bistro md.” There are webinars, newsletters, and tips to help you succeed.  You can use that interface to chat with your dietician.  You can communicate with her via email, phone, online chat, or Skype.  There is also access to a trainer that you can use to customize a fitness or movement routine meant to compliment the meals.  They also have fitness webinars, weekly materials and newsletters to support you with fitness.  So you are covering both diet and fitness.

In addition to your dietician and trainer, there are many webinars, materials and medical reports that feature Dr. Cederquist (founder and pysician) that are also meant to support you, educate you, and contribute to your success.

So yes, the support is definitely there for the taking.  It is not face to face though.  But you can Skype so that you are having in interactive conversation with someone.  They want you to succeed and I believe that they provide some very nice tools to ensure this.  Honestly, I think that bisto me provides some of the most helpful support in the business.  This combined with the food that you will want to eat makes it a very nice combination.  And all of this is included with the price of your food.  It doesn’t cost any additional money.

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