Do You Get To Take Cheat Days On Bisto MD? What Is “My Night?”

I find that one of the biggest concerns that people have when researching a diet is if a little bit of cheating is built into the plan. Preferably, people want a “cheat day” every now and then. I guess many people go into it thinking that it is unrealistic to think that they will never cheat.

That’s OK though, because research has shown that when dieters feel like they have more control and flexibility, then they stay on their diets longer. At first glance, this little fact may not seem all that important. But in fact, it is vital. Because for most people, hitting your target weight loss is going to only happen if you are on the diet for long enough.

Think about this way, if your weigh loss goal is 20 pounds are you are losing say, three pounds per week, you are not going to be successful unless you stay on your diet for a little over six weeks. So it’s my view that whatever it takes to get you in compliance for that six weeks really can be OK. Many people feel they need that cheap day in order to do it.

Luckily, there are cheat days built into the plan. Bisto MD offers plans for men and women in incriments of 5 to 7 days. Now, if you choose a 5 day plan, then it’s implied that you are going to take two days off every week. But there is one cheat day built into the seven day plan. It is called “My Night.” This gives you a day to yourself where you can eat out with friends or family or just indulge at home.

Obviously, you probably don’t always want to go crazy on “my night” and you’re encouraged to eat sensibly. But the founder of bistro MD, (Dr. Caroline Cederquist,) seems to know that people are going to go to their old favorites for the first couple of weeks of “My Night” and she seems OK with that. She says she designed “My Night” because she knew that if she told people that they could not have chocolate cake, they were going to think about chocolate cake all week. And you might eat that chocolate cake, ¬†have multiple pieces, feel guilty, and go off of your diet. But, if you know that you can be good for most of the week and have that chocolate cake on “my night,” then you are more likely to willingly and happily have reasonable portions and then stick to your diet the rest of the time. She is pretty clear that she doesn’t believe that you should look at food in a restrictive way. Instead, you have to learn moderation. Dr. Cederquist says that people tend to “go all out” and over induldge initially, but she finds that this tapers off once they see the results that they don’t want to risk.

Your assigned dietician could help you with ideas for what to eat. ¬†They do encourage you to use “my night” as a test run for when you are off of the diet. They’d like for you to learn to make good choices and eat in moderation. Because, ideally, you are going to quickly hit your weight loss goals and then be making meals for yourself much more often.

But yes, you absolutely do get cheat days on bistro MD. In fact, the company encourages this and sees that it is a vital part of the plan.

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