Coaching On The Dukan Diet: Do You Need It? Is It Worth It?

There’s no question that there is a lot of interest in the dukan diet.  And perhaps a lot of this has to do with Kate Middleton, who reportedly changed her body on this diet.  Not only is she beautiful, but her return to her skinny jeans so soon after giving birth brought a lot of attention to this diet by people who might otherwise not know about it.

Most people who research the dukan diet come across information about the coaching at some point. Unlike many diets, dukan has various phases.  These phases need to be both recognized and followed.  Also, you don’t just go into dukan hoping to lose a little weight, with no very specific goal in mind.  No, you need to calculate your “true weight” first.  What is your “true weight?”   It is the weight you can realistically expect to achieve and maintain for the rest of your life – and it is based on factors like your age, gender, height, and health.  That is one thing that I really like about dukan.  They aren’t selling unrealistic weight loss goals.  And they aren’t in this for a quick fix.  They truly want you to learn how to change your life style for the long haul. And there is a huge focus on maintaining.

However, the flip side to this is that there is definitely a learning curve with dukan.  It can be confusing to know what to eat and when.  People often wonder about the phases and when one thing should start and another finish.  And this is where coaching can come in.  Frankly, it’s quite inexpensive for what you get.  It runs about $30 per month, but for about $1 a day, you get personalized coaching through out the first three phrases (attack, cruise, and consolidation) of the plan.

Many people think that coaching means that the work is done for you.  If you think this, you may be surprised at all the input you have to give and all of the questions you have to answer before you can even get started.  But, honestly, this is for the best.  I know it’s easy to lose your patience with this, but the questions are vital because without them, they couldn’t personalize the plan to fit you.  A stay at home mom is going to need a different plan than a business executive who travels a lot and is never home.  A menopausal woman who is retaining weight partly due to hormones is going to have a much different plan than a relatively active man.

It’s vital that you take the time to give as much information as you can, because the coaching is only going to be as good as the information you provide (although the information is exchanged every day so there is room for flexibility.)

Coaching includes live chat, email support, daily instructions, weight loss graphs, recipes, forum inclusion , and daily work out videos.  You’re given specific instructions every day and you give feedback and ask questions as necessary.    Now, I know that sometimes we resist reaching out for help or telling ourselves that we can do this on our own and that our weight loss and health is really our own business and no one else’s.

But study after study confirms that people have more success when given support.  And you can tweak the support to your own comfort level. If you’d rather email, then that’s fine.  If you’d prefer to chat, that’s OK too.  If you don’t want to participate in the forums, no one is going to force you.  But this is a way to literally see your progress and receive feedback.  You can share it when you have a good day and have support when you did not.  This makes you so much less likely to quit. It could be that little push that you need to have optimal success.

If the cost of the coaching was very high, then I could understand being reluctant.  But honestly, it isn’t.  It’s extremely reasonable.  And if it takes you longer to lose weight than your “true weight” indicated, you are not charged.  If you are willing to dig in, follow the directions, and make or buy your own foods instead of going with a prepackaged diet, then even with the coaching, you will paying much less money than many diets.  And because you are getting one on one personalization, you will be more likely to succeed.

So yes, I do believe that because it is so reasonably priced and because the research is there to back it up, the coaching is worth it.  Because no one wants to diet and fail.  If you can do something simple and inexpensive to ensure your success, then to me, it doesn’t make sense not to.

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